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About Me

Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

BSc Psychology 

Sunshine Coast, Australia

My name is Beth, Sleepy Bub Co. is my passion project. With a background in childcare, education and psychology; I found a way to combine the things I love to help empower and educate families to make choices and changes that are suitable for their situation regarding sleep and parenting. 

My focus has and always will be on providing sleep solutions that are based on your child and family's individual needs. I believe each baby, child and family are different and their sleep and goals must be treated this way also. 

Parenting is hard work, and even harder when you aren't getting the rest you need. Suffering through sleepless nights and struggling through grumpy days is not what it has to be.


If you want to change it you can, and I can be there every step of the way to help you as you do. 



Sleep Plan Packages

All sleep plan packages can be delivered online and include at least one 1:1 consultation and a custom written sleep plan tailored to your family's needs.

They include various levels of follow on support while you implement changes to your child's sleep.


Our 3 sleep guides focus on the first year of your little ones life. They are packed full of information from adaptable schedules based on age to nutrition for sleep. They all include a common problems section specific to age. 

They are the perfect baby shower gift.

and talks

Consultations suit families that are happy with their child's sleep overall and don't want a sleep plan but who need to address a small issue or have a few questions they need answered about their little ones sleep.

Educational talks can be tailored to specific age groups or problems and can be delivered online or in person.

In home

In home packages are for parents who want an expert to come and walk them through improving their babies sleep, we can practise settling techniques together and you can even get some sleep yourself while I take the reins if you wish.

Travel fees may apply outside the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane area.


Becki, Swansea, Wales

Beth was absolutely amazing. Such a lovely, kind approach that made us feel like our little one’s sleep journey was truly important to her - she shared all the small (and big!) wins with us!


Beth is so knowledgeable and gave us lots of little tips along the way when reviewing our sleep log. Even after two weeks of training she is still giving us useful information - helping us understand the science behind our sleep troubles has helped us realise that it’s not always something we are doing ‘wrong’!


The best thing was that she understood that life can get in the way of a sleep plan and didn’t make us feel like we had to stay in every day to make it work.


Highly recommend this lovely lady. Thanks so much, Beth!

Andrea, Melbourne, Australia

Beth is a serious miracle worker!


Before we met her, our 3 month old son was a notorious cat napper, with several hours crying before falling asleep at night. We had no set sleep schedule in the day which made organising plans impossible. 


After working with Beth, we learned some incredible settling techniques that help our son fall asleep so much quicker, with a set schedule that helps him sleep for longer and at more predictable times! We honestly can’t thank Beth enough. She’s so patient, clear with solutions and checks in to ensure we stay on track.


Totally a lifesaver!

Liz, Mornington Pen, Australia

Beth was great to work with. We needed a more consistent sleep pattern for our 5 month old twins.  She’s very knowledgeable and mindful of the realities of twin life(!) and our parenting style.

She gave v useful advice about settling techniques as well as giving good insights into the reasons for certain behaviours/patterns.

She was realistic and pragmatic in giving us guidance, such as when best to schedule walks, etc. This was helpful as it meant we didn’t have to stay home all day everyday!

Since our two week training she’s continued to stay in touch and give feedback and tips on specific issues.


We highly recommend Beth.

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